fh-2008-006Thank you for visiting Knodel Funeral Home. We have served the communities in Northwest Kansas, Cheyenne County for decades and are pleased to offer you an introduction to our services and the services in and around the Cheyenne County area in order to create a personalized ceremony befitting to your needs.


Knodel Funeral Home has been a family-owned business for 83 years in Cheyenne County. Starting as Riddell Funeral in 1926 by Abram Riddell, Madeline Riddell took over her father’s mortuary business in 1960, becoming one of the few licensed women embalmers and funeral directors in the State of Kansas. Don Kramer acquired an interest in the business and it became Kramer Chapel in 1972 and became the only funeral service in Cheyenne County after 1982. Don Kramer’s son-in-law, John Knodel, after graduating from the Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science, obtained the business and operates it with the help of his family to this day.

John, with the support of his wife, Natalie Knodel, commit themselves to their community not only as the sole proprietors and employees of Knodel Funeral Home, but as native Cheyenne County citizens who understand the needs of the neighboring rural communities. Combining strong emotional support, attention to detail, and Knodel Funeral Home serves its community members and congregations in a uniquely special and comforting way. With the help of local pastors and ministers, John and Natalie Knodel guide and direct meaningful ceremonies.

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